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Welcome to my blog. This is the first time I have really tried to do this seriously. I need to be able to document my thoughts about things in the world. A few people have suggested that I try using this medium. I likely won't write everyday, but when something is important to me, so that might be several times per week. We'll see how it goes. Who knows, I may decide that I have something worthwhile to say everyday.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

So much for "hockey is our game" or "this is my hill/track/ice"

What is going on with our athletes? Is competing at home just too much pressure? Sure, we've got some medals. But loosing 5-3 against the USA? Hockey is supposed to be our game! We're supposed to  "know more about "winter sport" than any other nation except for maybe Russia", according to Brian Williams (or some other CTV newscaster, can't remember if it was him).

In speed skating, why do they push so hard to be first out and be in the lead and then loose steam with 2 or 3 laps to go? The commentators know that the Koreans do this - hang back till near the end and then punch it and win. Do the other skaters know this? I understand that they want a record-setting time, but if they would wait till the end to do this, wouldn't work out to be the same? At the same time, they are already great athletes to even BE in the Olympics. I don't know anything about speed skating. Only paying attention to what's going on and what the commentators are saying. But i understand the basic concepts of the sport. Crossing the finish line first is good. Yes, having a really fast time is good too. Anyway, enough complaining and onto congratulating.

I don't care what colour medal you get, it's a medal at the Olympics! I of course congratulate Alexandre Bilodeau for winning Canada's first medal on Canadian soil at the Olympics but also to Jen Heil, Mike Robertson, Maelle Ricker, Jon Montgomery, Christine Nesbitt, Christina Groves and Marianna St.- Gelais. You guys rock. Thank you.

I'd also like to thank the million+ people in town and the thousands downtown. I have heard of so few bad incidents involving Olympic revellers. Even though we lost the hockey game, i didn't hear about any fighting.  I did, however, tune into the news late. It seems that Vancouverites and Canadians in general are on their best behaviour and showing the world how great it is to call this great city home. We do have a lot of problems to fix and now that the world has seen some of our problems, maybe that's enough to light a fire under the asses of the politicians that can actually make some good decisions and fix it.

I will be going downtown tomorrow, in the thick of it. Neil and i walked around through part of it, like where Russia House is (Science World for my local followers). But when we got off the bus (that we waited 1/2 an hour for) at Main St. Stn, in front of the Pacific Central Stn (buses, Amtrack, VIA Rail) the line up to get onto the skytrain was unbelievable. If i can figure out how to post photos on here, i will, on Tues., along with any other photos i take tomorrow. There will not be photos of the cauldron till after the Olypmics are over. Apparently, it's a permanent fixture. I'll wait till i don't have to wait in line for an hour or more. The weather will just keep getting better and better now, so waiting won't have to be long or in the rain. I'll try to take interesting photos tomorrow and not just of crowds.

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